Updated: January 08, 2016
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4 Awesome Japanese Style "STAR WARS" Figures

Star Wars returns to theaters on December 18, 2015 with Star Wars Episode VII. We are super excited to see the movie! Now we introduce super cool STAR WARS figurines. These are Japanese Style!

Japanese Style STAR WARS Figures

Sw mr item img http://tamashii.jp/special/sw/lineup_mr.html#mr_akazonaeroyalgard
Tamashii Nations has made the Japanese style STAR WARS figure series from Meisho Movie Realization.

SAMURAI Darth Vader

Item 0000010821 nvwcjsla 07 http://tamashii.jp/item/10821/
An amazing, high-quality figure of Darth Vader was released as a Japanese Samurai. Look how cool this Samurai really is!
Item 0000010821 nvwcjsla 04 http://tamashii.jp/item/10821/
Completely unique design from the tip of his sharp Japanese Katana, to the meticulously sculpted his armor.

Absolutely the best Darth Vader ever!


Retina img 71321 1 https://www.atpress.ne.jp/news/71321
This is the TEPPOU ASHIGARU Sandtrooper. He's ready for battle, with two rifles and a Japanese katana.
Retina img 71321 5 https://www.atpress.ne.jp/news/71321
The backpack is so intricate. It's a perfect sculpture! Just amazing.

ROUNIN Boba Fett

Item 0000011104 anpbvv5s 01 http://tamashii.jp/item/11104/
Everyone's favorite bounty hunter, "Boba Fett", joins this series! This figure also has an added Japanese style that makes for a completely unique design.
Item 0000011104 anpbvv5s 05 http://tamashii.jp/item/11104/
Full of fun and surprises, this figure is sure to delight Boba Fett fans and collectors of all ages!

AKAZONE Royal Guard

Sw mr item main http://tamashii.jp/special/sw/lineup_mr.html#mr_akazonaeroyalgard
Emperor’s Royal Guard is here! It's really hard to find any Royal Guard figure, but he is here now!
Sw mr item05 http://tamashii.jp/special/sw/lineup_mr.html#mr_akazonaeroyalgard
The robe, force pike, bladed staff, collar, helmets...all parts are perfect. This is one you should add to your collection.
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